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OpiGo Poll

Confused between one or more stocks? Ask for opinions using OpiGo Poll to build your question and deep dive into the analytics. Also, votes given by users are directly linked to their OpiGo score. This ensures quality voting. Users can also create a custom poll of their choice.

OpiGo Card

You can add stocks to your virtual portfolio by creating an OpiGo Card that shall be visible on your feed. These cards are API linked and it's performance will reflect in users OpiGo score. Share bullish and bearish views on Stocks, ETF's and more

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OpiGo Score

Every user gets an OpiGo Score. This is mainly derived based on the performance of OpiGo Cards shared and votes given on OpiGo Polls. It is a great feature to engage with your social network that shows which users have been sharing best opinions about various stocks etc.

Opigo Verified Profile

If you are a SEBI qualified expert, then you can submit relevant details on the website and get a verified badge for your profile. Our admin team shall verify the documents and affix the profile badge accordingly

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Other exciting features

Live API

Polls and cards are integrated with Live API with BSE & NSE stocks available.

Global Market

We plan to launch more than 50 stock exchange API's for Polls and Cards globally (coming soon).

Track Posts

Never miss your favourite post by using the track function. Track polls, cards and media

Pricing Plans

Watch out for exciting monthly pricing plans for unlimited usage of OpiGo Polls & Cards (coming soon).

Chat & Connect

Take networking to next level using our private & group chat. (Coming soon: Sharing polls & card in chat)


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