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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is OpiGo?
    OpiGo (Opinions on the Go) is your daily social platform that helps you make better investment decisions. The tsunami of information makes it very difficult for people to filter through all the data and find a reliable source for choosing stocks. Our vision for OpiGo is to change the way people discuss investments and be a one stop decision making platform. OpiGo caters to these needs through its intuitive and dynamic features like Cards, Polls, Score and more.
  • Is OpiGo free to use?
    Yes. Our application is currently free for use.
  • I am new to investing. How will OpiGo help me?
    1. Connect with your stock buddies & other experts to expand your network 2. Track cards of performing friends & experts to get notified on every update 3. Profile scores help you to follow reliable friends & experts 4. Use polls to compare & rank stocks instantly & clear your confusions 5. Get in touch with verified profiles on OpiGo to get a professional advice
  • I am an expert investor. How will OpiGo help me?
    1. Apply for a verified profile - 2. Grow your network by following other experts & promoting your profile on social media 3. If you have any product/service offerings then make sure to add the link in profile 4. Show your stock picking skills with cards and boost your score. 5. High score with an active audience works well to sell your offerings
  • Can I invest through OpiGo?
    No, we are not an investment platform. However, we are working on partnering with multiple digital brokers to execute transactions.
  • Does OpiGo give financial advice?
    OpiGo does not give or endorse any kind of financial advice. The information exchanged on our app by users enables decision-making by streamlining the process and discussions. OpiGo has been designed with the purpose to improve personal investment decisions by sharing collective views. In case of specific investment needs, always consult a financial advisor.
  • Are stock prices updated frequently?
    Yes, stock prices are based on real time basis.
  • How is OpiGo Poll different from Custom Poll?
    In Custom Poll, users can input their own question and options to vote whereas in OpiGo Poll, users have to create one using our API linked Poll builder.
  • Can I undo a vote given by me?
    No you cannot undo your vote
  • When does a poll end?
    A poll will accept votes for 7 days after which it will get auto closed. User can mark a poll as complete by clicking on the three dots in upper right section of the poll post before 7 days
  • Can I see who gave votes on my poll?
    No you cannot see who gave votes on your poll
  • What is a Card?
    Use Cards to test your market skills. Share your outlook on future trends with the community. See how friends and experts grow their portfolio. Create your card by selecting from a range of options like Bullish-Bearish, Investment Time Frame & Potential Upside-Downside.
  • What is an OpiGo Portfolio?
    OpiGo Portfolio is a basket of all the cards shared by the user. You can see all the cards shared by the user in their profile, under the 'Card' tab.
  • Can I delete an OpiGo Card?
    No. It will be visible on your profile. However you can mark a card as complete to reverse your view.
  • When should I close a card?
    You can close a card when it has achieved its target or become overdue. Card label will change to 'Closed'. This means the view is no longer valid.
  • What does the number below the target achieved label inside the card mean?
    The number indicates the highest price that the stock has touched while the card was open.
  • How is my Score calculated?
    Score is calculated based on the performance of users cards. The % gains and losses generated with cards are taken into account in our algo-based calculation to derive your profile score. Higher the gains, higher the score.
  • How to join the fan club of a stock?
    Go to your profile and add stocks to favorites. This way you will get listed in the fans section of that particular stock. You can also visit the stock overview tab and press the star icon to directly favorite that stock.
  • Who can become an OpiGo Expert
    An individual with relevant expertise and/or qualifications recognized by SEBI can get verified on OpiGo.
  • I want to share general views about a company. Where can I share it?
    In the explore tab, search for the stock and browse on the forum section to start a company specific discussion.
  • What happens to my cards when a stock split or bonus issue is announced?
    When a corporate action (stock split or bonus issue) is announced, the 'Added price' in your card will change in its respective ratio on the Ex-Date. Changes shall reflect at around 9:30am on the Ex-Date.
  • How to delete my account?
    We would be sorry to see you go. However, you can go to your profile, click on the edit icon, and scroll down to the account delete section. Simultaneously, you can send us an email on and we delete your account within 2 hours.
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