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Tutorials: Cards

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

With cards, users can create a basket of bullish - bearish stocks sentiments. Add cards to your OpiGo Portfolio and test your market skills to see how well the cards perform. Users can also explore cards uploaded by other friends and experts on OpiGo.

Decoding the card template

  1. Added price is the live price when the card was created by the user

  2. Stock name and exchange on which the stock is listed

  3. Real time price of the stock

  4. Live symbol turns red when the market is open

  5. Change difference indicates the performance in price & percentage form. Formula: 'Real time price' minus 'Added price'

  6. Users sentiment for the stock, Bullish: User feels that prices may go up Bearish: User feels that prices may go down

  7. Time frame for which the user feels bullish or bearish

  8. Potential upside - downside range in terms of the stock price movement

  9. Labels:

- Open: It means that the card is live and active in the users portfolio

- Closed: It means that the card is no longer live and active. User has removed the card from the portfolio.

- Target Achieved: It means that the card has hit the range as mentioned. You will see the highest price it has touched below the label

- Overdue: It means that the target is not achieved during its time frame.

How to create a card?

Step 1:

Click on the '+' symbol and select 'Card'

Step 2:

  1. Search for the stock by typing its name or symbol (Latest price will get fetched)

  2. Next, select your sentiment for the stock:

Bullish: If you feel the stock price will go up

Bearish: If you feel the stock price will go down

Step 3:

  1. Select the time frame for which you are bullish or bearish

  2. Choose the possible price movement range for the stock during the time frame selected

  3. 'Preview' your card to see how it will be visible on your profile and to the community

  4. Finally, click on 'Post' and voila!

You now have your first card added to your OpiGo Portfolio!

(PS: If you wish to close the card, then click on the three dots on upper right section and mark it as complete. This will make the card inactive with live prices.)

Happy Investing!

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