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Tutorials: Grow Your Network

While OpiGo provides a convenient way to discuss and track stock views of friends & experts, one can also use OpiGo to expand their network and grow an audience base. Professionals can use this platform to brand themselves and market their products or services.

Tips to grow your network:

  1. Game up your market skills and add performing cards to boost your score.

  2. If you are an expert, apply for a verified profile by using this link.

  3. Add stocks to 'Favorites' in your profile by clicking on the drop down arrow. This will add you in the fans list of that stock and enable others to discover you.

  4. Track relevant cards, polls, socials and forums to be updated with the latest news on them.

  5. Keep sharing your views on the forum section of the stock to engage with like minded users.

  6. Tag users and stocks while commenting on any post for a better reach.

  7. Refer OpiGo to your friends group to help better your as well as their network.

  8. Make sure you have a valid username and fill in all the details on your profile.

  9. Keep a clear display picture of yourself.

  10. Explore followers/followings of your friends and other experts on the app.

  11. Follow us on our social media channels to keep an eye on new experts onboarded and other feature updates.

Happy Investing!

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