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Tutorials: Boost Your Score

Every user gets a Score. The Score feature increases reliability in opinions shared by friends and experts and thus helps in decision making. Performance of your card directly impacts your score.

Tips to improve your score:

  1. Keep adding your judgement on stocks to your OpiGo Portfolio by creating cards. Difference between the 'Live Price' and 'Added Price' is the performance of your card.

  2. As and when the cards perform, the algorithm will work to update your score.

  3. If the card achieves its target, make sure you mark the card as complete to freeze the score for that card.

  4. Keep a track for cards turning overdue. Mark the cards as complete if required.

  5. Follow performing friends and experts to get an insight how they are growing their OpiGo Portfolio and thus their score.

  6. Keep a track of your stock by searching for it in explore and see its polls, cards and forum to sense the market pulse.

Happy Investing!

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